Thursday, November 1, 2012


Alas, I fail at blogging... however, I truly want to start again. I need my little corner of the world wide web :)

I suppose it is necessary for me to write an update of sorts...

Since my last "introduction" post, Ryan and I have been VERY busy! Here is just a tiny list of things, without going into crazy detail, that we have done since I last wrote:

1) I graduated college, passed my NCLEX (nursing license exam), and started working as a full time RN at a large teaching hospital in DC.

2) We traveled to Disney World and Myrtle Beach together. I went to Disney World with my mom, and Ryan went backpacking with his Dad in Colorado... the travel bug really bit us!

3) We finally started living together after almost 3 years of marriage!! It has been 5 months and I absolutely love it!

4) I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! I got a 2012 Jetta TDI. We also paid off hubby's Mitsubishi Evo 5.5 years early... we will own my car by December. Having 2 incomes and 0 children is pretty awesome :)

5) We went to the 2012 Navy Ball! This is my fourth military ball... The youngest sailor was born in 1994... I almost fell over when they announced that...

6) Hubby finally made his decision to reenlist in the Navy! His ceremony is November 30th. I am very excited for him. On that note, he also was selected as Junior Sailor of the Quarter and picked up rank. He is awesome!

That's about all I can think of right now! I have to say, life is very good for us right now!! All of the years spent apart proved to be worth it just like we knew they would!


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