Friday, April 26, 2013

White Chicken Chili

I love cooking dinner for Ryan, but some evenings I work until 11:30 or midnight, and that isn't an option. However, thanks the my crockpot, I am able to easily set up dinner so that when hubby gets home from work, he has a home cooked meal waiting for him with little or no preparation needed. One of my coworkers gave me this recipe for white chicken chili. Being a vegetarian, I can't speak to the taste, but hubby tells me that it's "amazing" and is always asking for it! Of course I don't mind, either, because its literally the easiest recipe ever!

1 Tablespoon McCormick taco seasoning
2 11 oz cans cream of chicken soup
15 oz can great northern beans, drained
15 oz can Hominy, drained
2 chicken breasts, skinnless and thawed
1 Small can chopped green chiles 
Shredded Mexican cheese (optional)

Place chicken breasts in the bottom of the crock pot and add all other ingredients. Mix the other ingredients on top of the chicken with a spoon. Cook on low for 7-8 hours, or high for 5-6  hours. When finished, simply use a fork and/or knife to shred chicken in crock pot. Chicken will be tender and easily shreds. Mix chicken throughout chili. Then, if desired, sprinkle with shredded cheese of your choice and serve!! Don't be afraid to double the recipe... I usually do because it freezes well. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

California Love

Ever since I was 14 years old and I first visited the Golden coast, I've been in love. I met my husband, got engaged, and got married in Cali. In 2011, Ryan PCS'd from Cali to the DC area in order to be closer to me (in PA). As awesome as our experience living near the nation's capital has been, we regularly discuss our heartache for California... We can't wait to go back!

I am especially excited because I will be heading back to the west coast on today! I am visiting my brother and sister for a week. As excited as I am, I am also a bit sad because I know it will only be a short visit. It may sound crazy, but I felt so much happier there. The sunshine.. beach... relaxed attitude of the people... all of it! We want to permanently end up there after hubby retires from the navy. Until then, I will settle for these mini trips. Fingers crossed, hubby should get orders there when he PCS's next because his school will be there. I know not to set my hopes too high though, as the military is unpredictable!

Katy Perry said "Nothing comes close to the golden coast," and I firmly believe that!

Monday, April 15, 2013

summer TO-DO list

Too often, hubby and I complain that we don't know what to do on a given day. I am making a mini to do list of things for us to do over the summer! When we do them, I will come back to this post and write the date completed!

1. Picnic near the Washington monument.
2. Run a 5k.
3. King's Dominion (done 5/27)
4. Busch Gardens (done 8/31)
5. Swimming at our community pool (done many times)
6. Cookout with our grill!
7. Weekend trip to the beach (done 6/24-26)
8. Visit Ryan's great grandma (done 8/2-5)
9. Visit my family (done 5/12)
10. Visit the Smithsonians (again)
11. Get a cat stroller for Posh (done 9/1)
12. Bike ride (done 8/17)
13. Camping trip (done 6/21)
14. Go paddle boating/kayaking somewhere
15. Go to an outdoor movie
16. Go to one of the community fairs
17. Water Park
18. Visit the Zoo (done 5/4)

This makes me super excited for summer!!

Back!! Updates, yet again!

I originally started blogging in April 2010 prior to hubby's second deployment. I don't know why, but this time of year really makes me want to continue blogging!! I just feel like there is a lull in my life right now... I've been at my job (that I love) for almost a year. We are about 16-18 months away from PCS time. We have made friends here in the DC region, but we have conversations all the time about how much we don't feel at home here, and how much we miss the west coast. It's so hard to make plans when the military has the final say, but I sincerely hope we will be able to go back to California... or at least somewhere where the beach is less than a 5 mile drive! I am such a beach girl, and although I have summer plans to visit Ocean City, MD, it's not the same as spontaneously hopping in the car and heading to the beach (like we would do SO often in socal!)

In exciting news, we welcomed a little kitty cat into our family! I always swore up and down that I am NOT a cat person, but I am madly in love with Posh! Due to our work schedules, we knew it would not be fair to get a dog that would need to be locked up most of the day. Therefore, Hubby picked her out at the local humane society, and she has been such a delight!! She is a 4 year old calico. I wish we knew some more about her background, because I cannot understand how anyone would ever give her up! She is very affectionate, playful, and sweet.

Hubby and I have been married for three years. When we got engaged four years ago, Hubby picked out a 1 karat solitaire princess cut diamond ring. When we got married, I picked out a diamond band. I absolutely loved the set, and thought it was very delicate and beautiful, but I knew that when we had a little more money, I would like to get something ornate! Hubby surprised me by bringing me to pick out a new setting! All of the original pieces of my ring are still incorporated, but we added a whole new setting! 

Other than that, things have been pretty ordinary! I have been working a lot of overtime to bring in some extra savings money. Hubby and I are planning a trip to Europe this fall, so we are trying to save as much as possible (I say that after we dropped some $$ on my ring, lol). On weekends we have been enjoying spending time in DC, biking, movies, and watching Grey's Anatomy on netflix. Ryan would kill me if he knew I was sharing that with the interwebs! Life is pretty ordinary at the moment! It's starting to get warmer here, and the sun is staying out longer. I am looking forward to summer!!