Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diamond Candle

Have you heard of these?? My best friend Sarah came over tonight and was telling me about these fun candles and I immediately visited their website and ordered one! Basically, each candle has a ring worth anywhere between $10 and $5000 inside it. It takes about 10 hours of burning to get to the ring, but the candles are supposed to last up to 140 hours. How fun is that?! I am so excited to get mine! I can definitely see myself ordering these for friends and family members!

I ordered a Rosewood scented candle for myself. They have lots of different scents to choose from. I try to stay away from anything food scented (cookies, chocolate, etc) because it makes me crave sweets. Floral scents are my favorite and I cannot wait to get it in the mail!

*Image belongs to Diamond Candles. All statements made are my opinion. I have no affiliation with Diamond Candles.*

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  1. I keep hearing about them and I really want one!! Such a neat idea.