Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is Here!

Happy first official week of summer!

Hubby and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent lots of time outdoors. We both took Friday off and went camping at the Navy rec center in Eastern MD. I was hesitant to camp on a military base as opposed to a national or state park somewhere, but Ryan convinced me we would have a great time (and he was right!) If anyone is stationed in (or visiting) the DC area, I highly recommend visiting this place! During our stay, we received unlimited stops to the adventure center, mini golf, pool center (with 2 water slides), and fitness center (of course - military always reminds you to work out, even when vacationing!)

It was the perfect amount of roughing it (tent sleeping, cooking over a fire) and relaxing (laying out by the pool with a book, walking along the beach). We bought our tent 4 years ago, and this was only the third time we used it! We had so much fun though, and need to put it to use more often.  I definitely see us visiting this area again. It's really awesome that places like this exist for the sole purpose of entertaining military service members and their families. It felt wonderful knowing everyone there had some connection to the military community.

It's back to work tomorrow for us, but only two days this week for me! I'm heading to Ocean City with a coworker on Tuesday. If you can't tell - I'm a beach kind of girl! Can't wait to soak up more sun and touch my toes to the ocean!

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