Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Happenings

This month has been very busy for me so far... and not the "busy because I'm doing so many fun activities." I've been working 4-5 days a week (12 hour shifts) almost every week. Next week is my last week of overtime, and then Ryan and I are going camping next weekend. The following week, I am taking time off and going to Ocean City, MD with a coworker... I cannot wait to soak up some sun and breathe ocean air!!

So really, I have nothing new to report on. On days off, I am usually hanging out at our community pool with a book or some music. I can close my eyes and pretend I am on a beach in socal... hopefully next summer I won't have to pretend.

Today hubby is at some sort of car race, so I am chilling at home. I can't remember the last time I had absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nobody to see. It's been very relaxing. I plan on going for a run and tracking it with my new nike fitness app (if you're a runner - get this. It is free and awesome). I may cool off at the pool after. Tomorrow we are meeting another couple for brunch in DC. Then it's back to work again on Monday! The weekends fly don't they?!

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