Saturday, July 6, 2013


Growing up, my family always had a pet dog. We never had cats. In fact, my only interactions with cats were negative. However, over the past six months all of that has changed. When hubby and I first moved into our apartment a year ago, we talked about getting a dog. We have a little yard, our own entrance, and the space to accommodate a small dog. With our inconsistent schedules, we decided against getting one because it would be unfair to keep the dog locked in a cage 10-12+ hours a day, home alone. Even though neither of us had any cat parenting experience, we talked about getting a cat. A few days after Christmas, I came home from work to discover that Ryan bought us a cat from the local animal shelter. It was love at first site. He picked out a 4 year old calico female named Posh. He said his decision to buy her was easy: as soon as he walked up to her cage, she walked right up to him and licked his fingers through it. She is such a love bug, even more now, and I continue falling more and more in love with her each day!

Posh at the humane society
The past six months have been a learning experience, but I finally feel confident in my cat knowledge. We've found which toys and treats she likes, how to deal with the occasional hairball, which hairbrushes work best, how she likes to be petted, etc. My sister has always had cats (she currently has three!) and she has been a great resource as well. I know many people who blatantly say that they hate cats, but I believe these people are missing out on the joy that a loving cat can bring to your home!

If you're considering adding a cat (or dog for that matter) to your family, I highly encourage that you check out your local animal shelter! Even looking at cost alone, I feel that we saved money getting Posh. She was already spayed, up to date on her vaccines, microchipped, and declawed (I have mixed feelings on this, but it was already done when we got her). Even though we paid a small fee to purchase her, we would have paid way more had we got a free kitten with none of these things done. I also love the fact that we got an adult kitty. Posh is such a sweetheart and it warms my heart knowing that we have given her a second chance to live with a family who loves and adores her. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I absolutely love her to pieces. I feel so maternal towards her, and my love for her only continues to grow! I cannot imagine life without Posh!!

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