Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities

Happy 4th y'all!!!

I think our cat hates me.
I am so excited that we were blessed with a beautiful, albeit hot, day in DC!! The humidity was severe as always, so I didn't even bother doing anything fancy with my hair. Today was full of fun and celebrations, making it the perfect lead in to a great weekend. The first bit of good news came yesterday when my manager gave me the option to take tomorrow off and just use some PTO. Random four day weekend? Don't mind if I do.

I woke up early today and met a friend for brunch in Georgetown. I work in Georgetown, so I am there all the time... but I haven't actually explored the waterfront side before so I was excited to do that today. I need to start walking to M street during my lunch break and exploring more often. After brunch (and after almost running out of gas - different story for another day but let me just say, I need to research which gas stations have diesel), Ryan and I met up with my best friend from high school and had a picnic at her house. We played monopoly, watched old SNL episodes, and spent the remainder of the day enjoying one another's company. On our way home, we stopped and watched fireworks over the national harbor. We've spent the past five 4th of Julys (minus a deployment one) celebrating on a military base, so this was a change of pace. I missed our traditional military party atmosphere, but thoroughly enjoyed our festivities today.

Now I'm flipping through TV channels and chilling out while Ryan is sleeping. It's no fun to go to bed early if you don't have to! I am trying to decide what other fun activities we should do this weekend. I hope everyone had an awesome 4th and was able to celebrate our amazing country!!! Happy weekend!

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