Friday, July 19, 2013

Sweet Love

The other day, Ryan and I stayed up late and had a very deep and meaningful conversation about life. We talked about our future career plans and dreams, children, budget, buying a house, our next PCS, and more. The way our schedules are, there are 3-4 days a week that Ryan leaves for work before I wake up, and I come home after he has gone to bed. Therefore, we really treasure evenings where we can eat dinner together and spend time catching up.

Talking with Ryan got me SO excited for our future. During our convo, we discussed in detail the things we like/dislike about DC, and what we want to do while we are here (we have about a year left until our next PCS). Neither of us can stand the humidity on this coast, and so we hope/dream/pray that we can get orders to the west coast. Even if we go somewhere south of here (NC, SC, FL), if we are stationed near an ocean I will be a happy camper. Ryan's in the Navy after all, so that's not too much to ask.

Ryan also helped calm my nerves about some worries I have, namely getting a job at our next duty station. I admit that I am being a little dramatic since I am a nurse, and fortunately that's a career with jobs everywhere. He always knows the right words to say and how to keep me levelheaded. I am so thankful for his patience and love for me. I love being married to him, and am so excited about our future endeavors with the military. We have such a unique lifestyle (pick up and move every few years) that some people would not be able to tolerate, but it's one of my favorite parts of being a milspouse! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stays cool in this heat!

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