Saturday, August 3, 2013

One year

Yesterday Ryan took off work and came to work with me to celebrate my "graduation" from my nurse residency program. This event marked the completion of my first year as a registered nurse. It also marks the transition from novice to experienced nurse. I am finally not considered a "new grad." I am so thankful for the learning experiences I have encountered over this first year, and look forward to my future experiences. I am so excited to hit this pivotal moment, and for all of the opportunities I had while completing this program over the last year. I worked with a colleague to complete a research project in our field, and was able to present it yesterday.

This week, Ryan got official hard copy orders to San Diego, to begin July 24, 2014. In the military world, orders for your next PCS aren't official until you get these. So this also marks that we have one year left in the DC area. I plan on working as much as I can over the next year so that we can save lots of money in case I'm without work for a month or two during our move. I still can't believe that we are actually moving back to California, but we really are! I am so excited for the next couple of years, and cannot wait to see what's in store for us!

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