Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Week Countdown

It's crazy to think about, but we are down to one week until we leave for our 12 day vacation to Europe! We are heading to Rome for two days, then going on a cruise to different places in Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Then we are returning to Rome for another two days before coming home. I am a huge planner, and planning this vacation over the past few months has been a huge process! I can't wait to finally go and enjoy the fun activities we have planned!

Today we booked some last minute excursions for the different cruise stops. We decided not to hold back, so we splurged and planned one activity each stop. This way, we have planned tours and transportation already set up and don't have to worry about finding our way around in foreign countries.

My family visited Rome in 2006, so I am semi familiar with navigating around. I still need to print out maps and walking directions from the bus station to our hotel and to different tourist attractions. It's crazy that its finally here, as we've been booking things for the last 6 months!! Time flies!

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