Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wall Hanger

Ryan and I have been hunting for a coat rack for months. We bought an over the door rack with hooks, only to find it didn't fit over our front door. We relocated it to our bedroom door, and have found plenty of hoodies, bathrobes, and hats to hang on it. That, however, didn't solve the problem for our entryway.

After trolling the internet, I found this awesome wall hanger that incorporates a chalkboard and mail carrier as well. Since we usually have mail piled all over, this seemed to be the perfect response to organization that we were looking for. In my recent decorating spree of the living room, we've adopted greens and brown as our main colors. I love how this came out, and how well it goes with the things in our room!

Last but not least, In total evidence of how small the world is, shortly after I ordered ours, I noticed Jordan blogged about buying one as well! She seems equally as excited as I am, and I can totally understand why! Check out Legacy Studio on Etsy! There are tons of different colors and styles!

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