Saturday, October 12, 2013

Navy Ball 2013

It's hard to believe, but this year marked my 5th military ball. Compared to the marine corps balls we went to in the past, the navy balls the last year years have had a completely different environment. Not in a bad way, either. The setting is smaller, and the age range is very diverse. His current duty station has a school on it, so most of the people are students or instructors. There were several retirees as well. They also have a raffle each year, as well as a professional photographer to take pictures and give them to you for free. I remember the marine balls having this too, but we always had to pay for the pictures. Every year we have a blast, and this year proved no differently. 

Every year I say I am going to fix my hair myself, and then I realize that I can barely straighten my hair, let alone pull off an updo. Once again I got it done. 

Another thing I say I'm going to do each year is splurge for a pricey and fancy dress. As Ryan says, the dresses find me instead and I can't say no. I bought my dress for $25 at Ross. I've never seen formal dresses there before, either.

Next year we will be back in San Diego when the navy birthday rolls around. I'm excited to experience a new spin on their festivities. I abosolutely love getting dressed up and spending a fancy evening with my love. It's an honor to be part of the military family.

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