Monday, October 14, 2013


I'm totally in love with Netflix... Have I ever expressed this before? I don't think so. Growing up, my family never had cable. Therefore, I'm used to only watching network TV shows. I've always been a fan of the Bachelor franchise, Survivor, HIMYM, and Grey's, and they are all on network TV so it was never a problem.

In college basic cable was free, and I fell in love with the Kardashians, Client List, and any lifetime movies. When Ryan and I first got married, we did not have a lot of money so we decided to forego getting cable. Now we have enough money to get it, but with Netflix and online sites (Lifetime posts all their shows as well as some movies online) I'm totally content with saving money and not having cable.

Ever since we got Netflix, we've spent less money on renting movies and going to the movie theater. It's so easy to have a movie night at home when there are literally hundreds of movies at your fingertips. I'm able to see movies I've never seen before, like Grease, which I first watched over the weekend. I know, I'm totally living under a rock.

Sometimes I find things on Netflix that I wish I never found, such as the Discovery Killer Whale episode that showed a baby seal being eaten alive. As a HUGE animal lover, that totally traumatized me. All in all, there really is something for everyone on Netflix. Everyone I know who has it loves it, and we are no different!

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