Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I know there is a lot going on with people in our area due to the government shutdown, but on a positive note, I am so excited that it's October 1st! October is one of my favorite months. The weather becomes cooler, but not too cold. Sweaters, ugg boots (guilty), and skinny jeans are in full swing. The humidity has decreased, so my hair frizziness problems also diminish. I can safely straighten my hair without fear of showing up at work as a grizzly bear. Some of my favorite colors are shades of brown, mustard, scarlet, and orange, and those colors are 100% in for this season.

The DC area has several pumpkin patches, which is one of my favorite fall activities. This weekend, Ryan and I have plans of visiting one to pick out a pumpkin. They have fun activities for all members of the family. In the past, we've visited haunted houses and hayrides. I still haven't made plans to do that this year, but it's only October 2nd so we have plenty of time to coordinate that.

This Friday is our annual Navy Ball. This is the earliest one I've ever been to. I had grand plans of fixing my own hair for it, but after a horrific failed attempt over the weekend, I decided to make plans to have an updo done. While I'm at it, I'm getting a mani/pedi. I absolutely love being able to get all dressed up and spend an evening with my husband dressed in his uniform. I bought a dress for $25 that had been discounted several times. It's purple, sparkly, and elegant. I will surely share pictures.

It feels nice being back to work and in a schedule after spending time on vacation. We are finally all unpacked and back to our normal lives. I've been researching yummy soup recipes, especially crock pot ones, to make over the weekend. I'm still searching for something Ryan and I will both like (read: I'm a vegetarian and he's a carnivore), but I found this website to have several options. It's all slow cooker recipes, not just soups. It's absolutely perfect for a working wife that wants to have a hot, home cooked meal waiting for her hubby when he gets home from work!

Happy Wednesday, and I hope the rest of the week moves quickly!

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