Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Blues

It's no secret that the DC metro area is densely populated with military members.  When Ryan was in Southern California, it was the same way and we loved it. It's great living in a community where people are familiar with the military lifestyle. I grew up in a small town in PA, and I'm pretty sure there are grown people living there that don't even know there are separate branches; they only know of the army.

Since Ryan and I each commute about 20 miles in opposite directions for work, we don't have any coworkers living close by. In fact, we don't even know our neighbors or anyone in our community. This makes me sad because we literally don't have any friends within a 20 mile radius, so it's nearly impossible to spontaneously do something like we used to in California.

I've made some friends in DC, but we have had no luck finding another military couple around our age who both work and don't have children. Now, we have nothing against kids. We plan on having our own one day, but there is a reason we are waiting. We want to enjoy childless life for a long time, and we find it more enjoyable to spend evenings with other couples who understand this. I know these couples exist because we knew several of them from previous places! I just need to find them here.

I don't like posting things that make me vulnerable, but I'm feeling pretty blue. Hubby and I always end up finding fun things to do on the weekends, but I wish that we could find another military couple (or more) to explore this amazing city. I am hopeful that when we move to San Diego we will have better luck with this. 

I guess this is one of the many realities of military life. Once you find great friends that you click with, someone gets orders to the other side of the globe. You always have to start from scratch. I'm thankful for all of the positives though and I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything!

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  1. We had the same problem in DC. The only couples we knew for a long time had kids and it sometimes made just wanting to go out for a drink not easy. We almost have the same problem here in NC. We finally found a couple here and naturally she went home for the deployment and he doesn't have long left on his contract. Hopefully we will all get there at some point!