Saturday, November 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Why only celebrate your birthday on one day, when you can celebrate the entire weekend?? This year my birthday was on Black Friday. Friday birthdays always make for a super easy birthday weekend celebration, so it worked out perfectly!

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious as always; my mom never disappoints. We enjoyed a nap after dinner and then ate more!

My family loves a good deal, so Black Friday shopping is always in order. We started at 6pm on Thanksgiving, naive thinking that everyone would be eating dinner and the stores would be empty... Wrong! I tried my best to photograph some cops that were restraining a man, but it's pretty blurry.

What'd we buy? Hubby got a video game, desk chair, computer speakers, leather gloves, underarmour shirt and pants, and snowboard helmet. I got glass storage containers (trying to phase out plastic), clothes, northface jacket, and candles. 

My mom made my birthday dinner with all of my favorite foods Friday night. Today we went to a Christmas festival and did more shopping. I just love the Chrsitmas season; it's so positive and hopeful.

I can't believe that tomorrow marks the first day of December. I'm pretty sure I've made that same comment at the beginning of each month. This year has hands down been the fastet one in my life, probably because it was my first full year with no school. We head home tomorrow. I have Monday off, so I'll be able to finish unpacking and decorating for Christmas an extra day. Hubby got me an iPad air for my birthday and I immediately downloaded the kindle app and started reading The Hunger Games series. Hope everyone has safe travels and enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! 

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