Friday, November 15, 2013

Rock On

I haven't discussed this side of me in detail, but I'm a very spiritual person. I'm into meditation, yoga, burning incense, and gem stones. I actually carry gemstones in my pockets everyday. My favorites are the rose quartz (love, compassion), rhondonite (decreases anxiety), and fuschite (stone of health). Since I'm not super vocal about this side of me, not many people know about it. When I discovered that one of my coworkers shares this interest, I was smitten. 

Today Angela and I ventured into northern Virginia and stopped at a privately owned gemstone, fairy, candle, and potion store. Minus the fairies (I've never gotten into them) this was basically my dream store. I loaded up with lots of new stones for my collection.

Angela also shares my viewpoint about eating organic food and using organic household and personal products. Since we are in the healthcare field, we've done research (and heard horror stories) about chemicals and pesticides used on food, so our viewpoint is based on evidence that we feel strongly about. Our husbands may think we go overboard (like buying organic toilet paper - it's happened) but it's awesome that we share that same quirkiness. Therefore, a fitting lunch date brought us to the Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA. It's the biggest WF on the East Coast, and oh my it was huge!

I left with some juices for a cleanse I'm trying this weekend. Happy weekend y'all!

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