Monday, December 2, 2013


I realized this weekend that this  thanksgiving may be the last holiday I spend with my family for a while. Ryan and I both work over Christmas, so we won't go home then. Come July, we will be picking up and moving to california and let's face it, even if we want to visit family it won't be as simple as hopping in the car for an easy drive there and back.

All of this makes me sad, but I know it's all part of the game. In the same breath, I am so excited to move to California. That's definitely an opportunity I want to have, and I wouldn't trade it for somewhere else. It still is hard though, knowing that in order to fulfill one dream, others may need to be sacrificed. It always works out though.

I always try to be strong and present myself in a positive light, but sometimes I feel vulnerable and want to express my worries and fears. Nobody can be made of steel all of the time. 

With that, it's December and I can't get over it. We have about 7 months. That's about as long as a standard deployment. It seems long when your husband is gone that long, but for this situation it doesn't seem like much time at all. My goal is to relax and do my best to roll with the punches. Maybe it won't work out the way I have tried to plan in my head, but let's face it... Planning and the military don't go hand in hand. This is an adventure, after all. 

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