Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polar Vortex

I'm stating the obvious when I say it is cold outside. The entire East coast is feeling it!! I am thankful that I grew up in northwestern PA and am able to drive in the snow (I actually learned how to drive during the winter). One thing I've learned is that DC does not skimp on the salt. Here's a picture of one of our cars! 

We spent $30 washing our 3 cars, only to have another snow/salt wave come through. They're all dirty again. Did I mention that we waited over an hour in line for one of the car washes? It's all part of the fun that comes with winter, right? ;)

I had off today and totally babied myself from the elements. Blankets, netflix, fuzzy socks, sweats, cuddling with Posh, and hot tea made for a perfectly relaxing day. I did actually sneak out to get a manicure. I know what you're thinking, life is tough.

I'm loving the fact that a year from now I'll be in Southern California. There's nothing wrong with this cold weather, but I'm excited for a bit more sunshine during the winter months! 

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