Sunday, February 2, 2014


During the winter months, I often find myself stuck in a funk. It is so difficult for me to wake up and go to work when it's so cold outside. I'm confident I could stay in bed with the cat all day during winter. Every now and then between snowstorms, we get a random day of sunshine and warms (in the 50s, but it'd better than single digits).

On these warm days, I'm reminded that I'm a fair weather lady. I am all about sunshine, and I feel a noticeable happiness and peace when I'm outside on a pretty day. I love my job and the people we've met here in the DC area, but it will be so good for my soul to be in sunny California. 

Ryan and I are about to go on a walk, but we will be home in time to watch the Super Bowl. We had a relaxing weekend, which was much needed after a busy week at work. Let's go Broncos! 

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