Thursday, March 13, 2014

Changing my Tune

When we first heard about our PCS, I didn't feel ready to leve this coast. I was (and am) super excited about moving to southern California, but I almost didn't feel ready to leave my job and life here yet. Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean (during our cruise) I had an epiphany and my thoughts changed. I feel ready... and in a weird way, I almost want time too pass quickly so we can get on with things and move already!

I know with deployments I had this same sense. I remember wanting the deployment to finally happen because the anticipation was getting to me. We can only prepare ourselves so much for something before it actually happens. Sometimes we just need to confront it head on and actually get through it.

As sad as it will be to leave, I know PCSing will make me happier. I will feel more at peace in California. I'm leaving an amazing job and good friends here, but that's part of the territory of being a navy wife. I also know deep down that we will be taken care of, and things will work out. God always has a plan, and it's generally better than the plans I have thought up in my head.

This week, I decided to ease back into work by working every other day. I'm happy I did. I only have tomorrow left for the week. Then it's another weekend already, as well as the middle of March. I cannot believe it, but we are down to 3 months!

This isn't the first and won't be the last time I talk about this PCS. It's pretty thought consuming, but in a good way. I'm thankful and hopeful for the best possible outcomes!

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