Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Daily Jibber

Today was another gray, gloomy day in DC. Despite the not so glamorous weather, I had a really amazing day with two of my coworkers. My one coworker, Therese, had to have an unexpected surgery that will keep her out of work for the next 6 weeks. We all miss her so much! Another coworker, Angela, and I brought Therese a "get well soon" basket with goodies, as well as lunch. It was so nice to see her and spend the day together!

I came home in time to make dinner for hubby and I. We decided to watch some evening TV, but as usual I looked over to Ryan and caught him like this.

I decided to call my momma. We're currently on the phone (for the 5th time today) watching Modern Family "together." She's so sharp - she has to explain so many of the jokes to me! I'm thankful that I will be seeing her in just a few weeks! 

I'm super excited to have tomorrow off too, cuz even though today was fun I wasn't very productive! 

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