Monday, March 17, 2014

Tuesday Check In

Yesterday Ryan got a snow day... his millionth for the season I might add. Good grief, the weather here has been so bizarre. There has only been one day that he had a snow day and I was off work and we got to hang out all day. Yesterday was not one of the days. As I was leaving for work (and pouting) he said to me "remember who the real enemy is." If anyone loves the Hunger Games, you may enjoy that. Totally fitting for the situation, and it made me laugh so bonus points for Ryan. Even better?? He cleaned while I was at work! I'm pretty proud!!

So far so good with my goals that I talked about yesterday. Here's an elevator selfie! Even after one day of compliance, I already feel a positive difference.

Yesterday was a really good day at work. I love starting out the week on a positive note. I'm feeling very hopeful and happy! Happy Tuesday! 

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