Saturday, April 26, 2014

Candle Copy Cat

I love DIY projects, especially when they are cheap, easy, and for home decorating. In an effort to make our house more homey, I've been trying to organize our living room to have a color theme. When we first got married, our living room was thrown together with random furniture, and now that we are older I'm trying to ditch the frat house feel. This recent project was the perfect touch.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed I've been pinning lots of candle decor. I love candles as it is, and I think they make for very classy and timeless decorations. I was inspired by these images:

Since our living room is predominately shades of brown and green, I loved the idea of using coffee beans as a filler. Plus they smell delicious, especially when the burning candle warms them. Here's my version:

I have two on our coffee table, and they cost $15 each to make. I got the glass holders on sale for $10 each at AC Moore. I got the coffee for $5 each (1 bag in each vase) and the candles were free from my mom. I'm loving the look! 

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