Friday, April 18, 2014


Y'all want to hear something crazy?? In exactly two months Ryan and I will be hitting the road for San Diego. We've notified our current landlord, applied for housing, and have started putting an itinerary together for our drive cross country. We have family in Pensylvania, Ohio, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. My goal is for us to NOT stay in a hotel, but we will see how that goes.

May I add I am NOT excited to put 593023848 miles on my baby? 
I am thankful for her gas mileage and the fact that she has a Diesel engine, so really having a ton of miles added doesn't matter. But I still don't love it.

It's just crazy to me how quickly time flies, and how READY I am for it to be here. I'm so ready for summer, the ocean, sunshine, and Palm trees. I'm excited for a new home, new friends, and new job. I have finally started putting some applications out, but I am refusing to put pressure on myself in this area. Honestly, I think it's hard to job hunt without living in the area. Booking a last minute flight for an interview is NOT ideal, especially since I have a full time job now and can't just pick up and go to SoCal on a whim. It'll work out the way it's supposed to. I'm SO thankful I got certified, as I feel a new sense of confidence in my nursing capabilities and qualifications. It's exactly what I needed to reaffirm myself!

As for now, I'm still at my moms. The snow has melted fortunately, but it's still chilly (maybe this has something to do with me wanting to move so badly). I'm still here for a few more days, and then I'll be back to work early next week. I have roughly 24 shifts left at work. It's quickly approaching... I love it! 

AND just a couple pictures to make you go "awe" and one to roll your eyes at..
Kittens!! How adorable!! Have I shared that Ryan and I are getting another cat when we move!? 

This is to elicit some eyerolls. So bad but so true!

I'm looking forward to another day with my mom tomorrow! Not sure what we will get into but we will find something! Easter is almost here!

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