Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Feel Like A Woman

A night of pampering sure does one some good. Without sitting here and typing out a list of complaints, Im just going to be blunt. I've felt really tense, stressed, and anxious about all of the things Ryan and I (as a couple and individually) have going on over the next few months. After a mini meltdown last night, Ryan ordered me to take a bubble bath with candles and Michael Buble's Pandora channel. He then gave me a massage and I was able to get a good nights sleep in. 

Waking up today, I feel a bit more relaxed but still a little wild. I've never had so many things going on at one time, and I really need to just take time to calm down and relax. After all, moving to San Diego is pretty freaking awesome and meeting new people and exploring a new state is a once in a lifetime adventure I get to do with my husband. Finding a job shouldn't stress me out because DC (and over 40 other states) consider moving to be with a military spouse an involuntary resignation from work so I will qualify for unemployment. Recertifying my CPR and resuscitation classes won't be as difficult since I've done it before. (This is me trying to justify some of my stressors)

At the end of the day, this is the journey I signed up for as a military spouse. I would follow Ryan anywhere. I know God has a plan (he always does) and it will happen as He intends it to.

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