Monday, April 7, 2014

Me as a student (what I've learned about myself)

In college I got great grades. I graduated 6th in my nursing class, and had a rocking 3.89 GPA. I don't brag about this because unless I'm getting into a grad school, my GPA isn't really relevant to how I am as a nurse. I never really consider myself naturally smart. I just am really good at studying. Since I've re-entered the academic world in a way to study for my certification exam, I've reached a few conclusions about myself as a student.

1. When it comes to school and studying, I tend to overdo things. In college, I didn't do much besides study. I don't regret that, but I definitely still feel a burn out and do not see myself returning to graduate school anytime soon.. if ever. Even I can recognize that I'm overdoing my studies (going way more in depth and detail than needed) but I legit can't stop myself.

2. I'm most productive after 10pm until 1am. I can study a little during the day, but I'm really good at managing my time and staying focused during these hours. I was this way in college too.

3. Similarly to #2, during the day, I can only focus for 20-30 minute increments, and then I need a break.

4a. I'm motivated by food.

4b. Studying makes me want to order delivery. (Maybe I did this a little bit too often in college...)

5. Anything my husband is up to I suddenly am interested in.

6. I cannot wait to get this test finished. 

I am so incredibly amazed by women who go to school, are married, AND have kids. Ryan will be the first to say that my wifely duties have fallen since I've been in study mode. I mean he was actually making his OWN chilli yesterday.

Our house is a wreck, there is laundry piled up... Fortunately, we can semi function like this for a while... But those working moms that can't just drop everything... How do they do it? 

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