Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Military Spouse Job Hunt

Mum's the word when it comes to job prospects/interviewing and all that that entails. I'm pretty private about that stuff, not because I'm afraid I won't get something but because I don't like tons of questions and prodding about future prospects. I'm hard enough on myself and don't need any added pressure. Since I was transparent about taking my certifcation exam on here, I have decided to be a bit candid about my job prospects. After all, my primary readers are military spouses and may be going through the same things.

In 2 months, we will be en route to San Diego. We are planning on arriving by the 13th of July, but I'm flexible with pushing that ahead if I need to for a job opportunity. I'm at my current job until June 20th. Since I passed my certification exam, I started reaching out to potential employers about opportunities. Most places suggested applying 2 months prior to our move because that's how long the interview process can take. I've applied to several jobs, and have received emails and phone calls from potential employers. I've set up a skype interview and am set for a phone interview this evening.

It is so exciting and humbling to have managers call and say "we are interested in you." It's also scary though! I'm used to entry level interviewing, so I'm a little unsure what the process will be for an experienced nurse. Once I'm done with all of this I will post my tips for getting noticed and performing well on an interview. Overall I feel flattered and excited. I am so thankful for a career that allows me to be as transportable as my husband. I wanted to be a nurse before meeting Ryan, but it obviously serves me well as a military spouse. I am also thankful for the amazing career opportunities I've had in DC. This definitely helps contribute to me being a competitive candidate in this process. I haven't received any job offers yet, but I am confident of my abilities and very hopeful for the best of outcomes.   What will be, will be.

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