Saturday, April 5, 2014

We love Fredricksburg

From looking at my April stats so far, it looks like I'm an actual committed blogger. This makes sense since I've been such a study bug. I did (as predicted) get called in for 5 hours last night. I'm totally not complaining though. It was easy money. I get paid Friday, and I like to pick up a little something each time I get called in. Stay tuned.

Today Ryan and I went for a late afternoon date in Fredricksburg, VA. We enjoy Fredricksburg, particularly because there are a lot of military couples hanging around there (quantico is nearby). It was a bit chilly, so I'm glad I paired my short sleeves with a scarf. I should've done a full outfit post, but let's be honest... I ate a little too much over winter and need to shed a few pounds before I start acting like a model.

Can you see my necklace? I got it on etsy and it hasn't left my neck. I am a bright color lover, but I decided to get plain old metallic silver because it matches everything. I've received lots of compliments and I just love it.

Is it just me or does this pretzel that Ryan and I ate devoured look like a smiley face? The food at the ale house is SO.GOOD. After our meal we walked up and down the street window shopping and we stopped in several antique stores. We didn't purchase anything, but we had a great time. I love checking out antiques because there are never two identical items, and I feel like I'm touring a museum. I always wonder about the previous owners and what the items may have looked like when they were originally purchased. I had my eye on several farm tables, but with our upcoming PCS I'm trying to wind down big purchases.

I'm getting ready to watch SNL... Anna Kendrick is hosting so it should be a good show! Ryan and I are relaxing tomorrow, I'll be back then :) 

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