Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I was one sick girl this weekend! I'm happy my illness peaked Saturday, and I didn't have to miss any work. Despite being sick, we were semi productive. We cleaned and got rid of some things we won't be needing in California. We were super good and did NOT eat out once this weekend. AND I packed us both lunches for tomorrow, so we are starting the work week off in a good direction too.

Because I'm sick, no pictures were taken this weekend... so unfortunately this is a semi picture-less post. I did venture outside for some sun and a short walk today. It's a good temperature right now, not too warm or cold. If it was like this year round, I wouldn't mind the east coast... But it's not. California, on the other hand...

Lastly, here is my latest dilemma. I ordered a dish set for a girlfriends bridal shower. They came in 6 boxes. I'm not kidding. So now, I get to look like a big shot at the shower showing up with all of these and it's not even all of them. Don't mind the mess, we are purging right now.

The weird part is, most of the boxes don't even say what's in them. She won't have a knife to saw open cardboard boxes at her shower, so I need to get creative. I should've paid the $20 Pottery Barn wanted to gift wrap their own presents, because I'm currently at a loss. What's a girl to do?!

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