Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bridal Shower

Yesterday I got to celebrate with one of my closest friends, Angela. She is getting married right after we move. I am flying back for her wedding though, because I wouldn't miss it for anything!!

I woke up early Saturday morning and drove over to her house and we hung out while she got ready. I, of course, bonded with her dog Gianna because I always gravitate towards animals.

Afterwards we drove out to her venue, which was so absolutely gorgeous. I wish I took more pictures of the house!

We enjoyed dinner, played the toilet paper game, and opened gifts.

These are some of my coworkers and me!! How pretty are they?!? 

Before we knew it, we had been there FOUR hours, but time flew and nobody minded. Angela and I headed back to her house, and I helped her unpack her goodies. I can't wait for her wedding! She is going to be a gorgeous bride!

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