Monday, May 26, 2014


After scrolling through my phone tonight, I couldn't help but notice that most of my pictures from this weekend are of food. Let's be clear, I love eating. I'm not really into "food posts" but that's seriously all I did this weekend!

Ryan and I did our weekly grocery shopping. And as if we haven't learned our lesson, we went grocery shopping HUNGRY so naturally we bought all this food but went out to eat cuz we were starving. Our choice of food was very naughty. We were craving greasy, unhealthy food and Five Guys delivered all that and more.

Today I was on call (still am...) so we didn't go to any picnics or anything exciting. We did, however, sneak out for ice cream.

This evening right as I was about to eat dinner, I got called in for two hours. When I came home, hubby had a veggie burger waiting for me. So for two days in a row I indulged in greasy fries and burgers!! Tomorrow I need to detox ;) 

Overall it was a very relaxing and productive weekend. It's hard to believe it was one of our final ones here! We will be leaving before we know it!

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