Sunday, May 4, 2014

Like It Like That

Today was the perfect Sunday. Well, the perfect Sunday for having to work. It was so quiet and I got to spend a lot of time catching up on projects for work and other computer things I needed to get done. As much as waking up at 5:30 on a Sunday stinks, I was productive and made some dough.

I also spent some dough.

What can I say, M street (Georgetown) is like 2 feet away from where I work. Mix that with a perfectly sunny day and a quiet afternoon, and it's totally necessary to make time for shopping and lunch during your break.

I've talked about Jetties before, and yes I did sneak there for lunch. I also may or may not have indulged in a Georgetown cupcake.

It was decadent.

I also made a stop to one of my all time favorite stores... Lululemon. Yes, I'm quite aware of their outlandish prices. However, their workout clothes are addicting, and they make my normally nonexistent booty look awesome. So I caved and bought a few things. In my defense, I did just work that surprise night shift on Friday... It all evens out!

But, tomorrow will be a regular day. This week is Nurses' Week though, so work has fun little things planned each day. I will be missing most of the festivities since I'm off after tomorrow! If any other nurses read this, happy nurses' week to y'all!

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