Monday, May 19, 2014

One month

One month from today, Ryan and I will be packing our car and starting our trek across the country to our new home in San Diego. We've known about this for almost a year, and I think I've gone through every emotion in that time. Right one, I only have excitement and anticipation. I cannot wait for this new journey to begin. It can't come soon enough!

We wil be starting our journey by visiting family in PA, then heading to Ohio and Nebraska. We have two stops to see family in Colorado, and we will end by staying with my brother in San Diego the night before we move in. My work is letting me take 2 weeks of vacation as my final weeks of employment and Ryan's taking like 30 days of leave. I am super excited for our cross country adventure, and it doesn't seem too long ago that we ventured from California to here.

When we drove from Camp Pendleton to here, we were on a tight schedule. We did the whole drive in 3 days because I had an internship starting in Virginia. It'll be nice to take our time this move. I'd like to say that "we are packed and ready to go," but with the military moving us we don't even have a pick up date. It'll all come! I'm happy I've been through this before. I'm more desensitized when it comes to the last minute things and zero concrete plans... Oh, the life of a military spouse!

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