Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sealed and Delivered

I've been waiting on this super cute dress I ordered from Victorias Secret, and today it was "out for delivery." I absolutely love stalking my online purchases. When I heard a knock at the front door, I giddily answered hoping it was my dress. Imagine my surprise when I saw this and NOT my dress...

My husband is one spoiled man. This delivery was entirely his for his sports car! My dress ended up arriving later though, so it all worked out.

I spent the entire day cleaning, doing laundry, and sorting through our belongings. I'm not sure if other people enjoy cleaning, but I LOVE getting rid of things. Whether it be old clothes, junk, old makeup... anything, I love getting rid of it if we don't use it. We have a huge bag of clothes and a box of other things to donate. It's so liberating to me to throw things out you're not using. I am so excited for our next home, wherever that may be. I want to really decorate and make it homey! Getting rid of old stuff makes room for new things!

Lastly, I love this girl. Animals are so therapeutic. I am so thankful for Posh! I will be missing her as I head to my moms for the rest of the week!

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