Saturday, May 3, 2014

Suit Up

I had a skype interview today that went amazingly well. I really liked the manager and he gave me positive feedback which I am thankful for. HOWEVER... Can I say how silly I feel in business clothes?? I kept doing double takes at myself in the mirror. Nurses and business clothing just don't mesh.

I didn't know what to do with my hair, and I ended up putting it in a sock bun. Then before I knew it, I was tearing out of my suit and putting on my scrubs for nightshift. Although I am a tired girl, at least I'm comfy in my scrubs!!

Posh was also comfy today... in her cage all on her own!! I wonder if she will ever walk in it voluntarily once we move across the country. She will be spending way too much time in it, but at least it's spacious.

My weekend really isn't a weekend at all. I will be sleeping all day Saturday, and then Sunday I work again. I'm heading to my mom's next week for Mother's Day, so I will have some time off. I may later regret saying this, but can time speed up a bit?? I'm ready for California!! 

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