Friday, June 6, 2014

Favorite Things

Have you ever heard the quote that goes something like "what would you do if you woke up today and only had what you thanked God for yesterday?" Of course family and friends are at the top of that list. Stable jobs, a home, and health are also at the top... but every now and then I feel really REALLY thankful for some things if you will. I know, I'm being materialistic. I really am thankful, though, for some basic items that I use everyday... and I would be sad without them! Then again, they all help provide me with something I actually need... Take a look:

1. Sleep, made much more comfortable with my memory foam pillow. I impulsively bought it, and now I don't know how I slept without it. After waking up with Ryan "sharing" it with me, I bought one for him too.

2. Organic Grocery Stores, and grocery stores that have a wide selection of non GMO, organic food. I love eating 100% organic. I'm a vegetarian and my next move is to go gluten free after we move.

3. Quenching thirst, with honest tea. It's organic and delicious. I've been drinking it for a year and have yet to get sick of it. The honey green tea is my favorite flavor, followed with the pomegranate blue in close second. 

4. Netflix (Army Wives, Grey's Anatomy)

5. Light, especially provided by candles. There is something so therapeutic about candlelight. I'm a fan of lava lamps as well. I'm trying to make our home have more of an organized, mature feel to it, but our lava lamp is still on my nightstand. 

6. The bachelorette and bachelor franchise

7. Protection from the sun, provided by designer sunglasses. I love my coach sunglasses. Hubby is partial to two pairs of oakleys. I really want a pair of tom ford lenses, which I will probably get as a "new job" present once we get to California. Let me be honest though, all of my clothes are from forever 21, the limited, and tj maxx. Sunglasses are the one thing I don't feel crazy spending a fortune on, because I wear them everyday. 

8. Online shopping

9. Social networks and media (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, blogger, Instagram, Vine, YouTube... I use it all)

10. Thank you cards

Just reading over this list makes me happy!! What items can't you live without???

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