Saturday, June 28, 2014

Midwest Lifestyle

So let me just set the tone for where Ryan and I have been hanging for the last few days. As I said in my last post, we are in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. I've grown up on the east coast my entire life, so the lifestyle in the Midwest has been a bit of a culture shock for me! Nobody here seems to mind it, in fact they love it and defend it as one should! 

I've noticed that wifi and internet in general is a commodity, and most people don't have it. If they need a computer, they'll go to the library. Speaking of, there is only a library, community center, small grocery store, and a gas station in town. If you need anything special or new clothes, you head a couple towns over. Friday nights, gear up with your cowboy hat and boots because they host a rodeo during summer! Don't be surprised if someone invites you to try "Rocky Mountain oysters," but please know what they are before you say yes! The terrain isn't totally flat, but there's hardly any houses or crops, and the land stretches for miles. It is pretty here, and it's quiet, and I think everyone likes that.

After watching movies for the last 3 days, I finally protested that we leave the house and do something outdoors as a family. Everyone whined for a minute but eventually obliged. After all, it's our last day here!

We had to take a detour on our hike due to copious tumbleweed obstructing our path!

Overall, we've had a really nice time catching up with family. Ryan's mom had a barbecue for us yesterday and it was really nice. Tomorrow we are meeting my sister and her fiancée in Denver, and then we will head to Grand Junction, CO for the rest of the week. I have all kinds of appointments for work requirements while we are there. I'm really looking forward to finally arriving in San Diego and getting settled. It'll be here before we know it!

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