Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PCS Chronicles: Goodbyes, Packing, and Pick Up

I've never been so entirely drained in my entire life! I feel so sleep deprived and exhausted, but it's so exciting that my adrenaline is keeping me moving! To sum up the last week, I've worked everyday but one, and my day off I spent at my coworkers going away party for me. The party was amazing from the food to campfire songs and spending time with the most amazing nurses around!

Yesterday was my last day at work, and of course I couldn't just leave right after! I did a mini "taste of Georgetown" where I hit up my favorite restaurants, stores, and  of course a final stop to Georgetown cupcake! 

Can I just say I felt like I was about to die in the 90 degree humid weather... in my hot ass scrubs and compression hose, bags on both arms, marching up the stairs on my way back to the hospital after the walk? Omg I felt so dehydrated, exhausted, and tired!! I'm out of shape!!

I came home after and immediately showered, and then Ryan and I were up until 4 AM preparing for our movers. Sure enough, at 8 AM sharp they arrived and have been working since! I made a mandatory Starbucks run for ALL of us, and right now I'm sitting beside some boxes. I'm looking at this all, and realizing that I've become desensitized to this whole "moving" thing since we've moved around a lot in the last few years. Everything we have (minus us!) is replaceable, so I am totally confident in their packing abilities and am not acting crazy and paranoid like I have in our past PCS experience. 

It's hard to believe it is really here and this is really happening, but I cannot stop grinning. I am soooo excited for a cross country move with my husband, stopping to see family, going to two weddings, moving into our new home, and making memories that we will have forever. How amazing is this opportunity!? I am so blessed!

Feel free to follow our move on social networks! I will be posting here, but I'm thoroughly documenting under the hashtag #poshmovestocalifornia so be sure to check that on Instagram and Twitter!

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