Monday, June 9, 2014

My Hoarder Husband

Oh my goodness. This weekend, Ryan and I spent a lot of time sorting through random boxes and items that have collected in our spare bedroom over the last three years. My thought process: "most of these items we didn't even remember having, so we won't miss them if we pitch, sell, or donate them." My husband's thought process: "I forgot we had this stuff! I think I want to play with it and then box it up again to rediscover in a few years." We are so incompatible when it comes to this!

Fortunately for us, my husband has gotten a lot better about purging. He's learning that as a family that moves every few years, it's not feasible for us to keep every single childhood item or memento. I was reading am article the other day that talked about holding onto unnecessary items. It brought up several good points, one being that people who hold on to extra "junk" tend to hold on to extra baggage in other areas of their lives. This includese extra weight, as well as emotions, leading to poor coping mechanisms and difficult moving on/letting go of feelings. 

Secondly, it talked about the items that people have trouble getting rid of. At least for my husband, this list rings true. The first includes childhood, high school, and college memorabilia.  This means trophies, certificates, and programs from sporting or theatrical events, etc. I know it seems like these objects hold so much value, but they represent a memory. Whether or not you still have it, the memory remains the same. I've been trying to teach Ryan this. The second item that collects is clothes, especially freebie t shirts and clothes people save hoping to fit in "one day." Ryan has so many t shirts from the military and 5k races. We just donated a whole bunch of them, and now he has way more room in his drawers for something new.

It's these fun moments in marriage where I realize Ryan and I are still growing up together, and I love that. Military life is such an adventure!

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