Monday, June 9, 2014

Obsessed with Coconut Oil

It's no lie that I'm into a more natural way of living. My friends call me a hippie because of my love for crystals, yoga, and whole foods. I've embraced it and loved it; this lifestyle is so calming and peaceful to me.

My latest obsession is organic, unrefined, raw coconut oil. It is amazing. It has 400 uses, and I keep coming up with more. Oh my goodness... My house is literally covered in coconut oil. I haven't ventured to all of the uses, but a quick google search or Pinterest board will give you way more creative ways to use it. Currently, I've narrowed it down to my top 4.

1. Eye makeup remover. You know that stubborn waterproof mascara? Consider it gone with some coconut oil. You never have to worry about it stinging or burning your eyes either.

2. Cooking. I love sautéing veggies over the stove, and the lightest coconut flavor makes them so much yummier. PLUS I am staying away from weird chemicals in cooking spray.

3. Lotion/shaving cream/massage oil. My skin has never felt more moisturized then when I put some coconut oil on it. My legs do a little happy dance all day! Also, use this to as shaving cream... One extra bonus is that coconut oil contains monolaurin which is a known antimicrobial. When you use it to shave your armpits, the residue acts as a first line to fight body odor caused by bacteria. Don't try only using it though!

4. Hair conditioner... for me and the cat... When I'm in the shower, I grab a small chunk and spread it throughout the ends of hair. Some people opt to let it sit for a while (wrap your hair in a towel for a few hours, even overnight). Simply rinse, and let it dry! Warning though... Make sure you thoroughly rinse it, or the oil may make your hair look greasy. Sometimes I add a small amount of shampoo to avoid this. Afterwards, my hair is so soft, and smooth feeling. And for the cat, Posh has bad allergies (we all do here in DC) and she's always scratching her skin. I have her a bath and let some coconut oil sit in on her skin for a while and I haven't seen her scratch once!! 

I'm just in awe of how versatile and amazing one item is. Seriously, search online! Pick up a jar st Trader Joes or whole foods! MAKE SURE you get unrefined and raw though! There are some brands out there with additive and extra sugar. Why ruin something that's so good all natural with a whole bunch of extra chemicals?? Enjoy the real deal, friends! 

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