Sunday, June 1, 2014

Real Talk

As a nurse, I'm contstantly surrounded by people who are sick. Some may have a temporary ailment, but others have a chronic illness of something so severe that they are working on symptom management rather than fixing the problem. On Friday, my heart broke for one of my patients. With an illness so aggressive, it seemed so unfair. It's in those moments, I really question "why" and pray for some sense of understanding. It can be taxing and painful to see these situations that hit so close to home.

Ryan and I were going to lay low this weekend since it is one of our last ones here. After Friday, I wanted us to go out and have fun though. We went to six flags and splurged on some overpriced tickets that allowed us to hop in front of every line. We didn't have to wait in a single one! We spent way too much money on park snacks, but I'm learning thatsometimes it's ok to splurge a little... in fact, it's healthy to do so. We had a fun day, and if we were staying here we would definitely go again.

Today, my friend Carmen is coming over for homemade pizza. I also made some pasta salad. I can't believe it's June 1st, I'm so excited that this month is here! In a few short weeks I will be en route to San Diego, CA! Happy Sunday y'all! 

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