Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Job Dilemma

Yesterday I posted about tips for getting a job and the interview process. Today I'm going to dive into a bit of my personal dilemma. Let me just start out by saying I am so grateful to have a career (RN) with so many options. BUT... I'm currently stuck with too many options!

When I found out we were PCSing, lots of people said that the job market for nurses in San Diego was terrible. It may be, but I have had an amazing response from my job applications. I have had 8 different jobs reach out to me, and have narrowed my prospects down to 2. It is really hard for me to "decline" a position, but it's something I need to get more comfortable doing. I just feel so honored and thankful to be considered, that it makes me feel bad to say no! 

Currently, I have two amazing offers on the table, both with an equal list of pros and cons. Oh, how I hate making decisions! The one job has the details set in stone, and the other one I will have to negotiate details over the phone tomorrow. I am dreading that phone call. I hate negotiating, but I am good at it and I am committed to getting myself the best option I can! It's hard trying to make a concrete decision, mostly because I think I would be happy in either job and I can't seem to pick which one is a better fit. 

Yesterday I remembered that all of my candles were in the car (movers wouldn't take them), so I did a mini meditation and prayed for wisdom to help me choose my path. We have a lot going on with the move, so I know my anxiety about this may be exaggerated a bit because of that. I just, I don't know... I am hoping the right decision jumps out at me! I will probably have a much better idea tomorrow! We will be hitting the road early in the morning to travel to Missouri. 

Thank you for the sweet emails, it's truly an amazing community of military spouses we have in this blog world! I will keep y'all posted! AND as always I am posting daily updates on twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #poshmovestocalifornia so keep an eye out!

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