Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where In The World!?

Greetings from Pine Bluffs, Wyoming! Never heard of it? Me neither. It's a super tiny town on the border of Nebraska and Wyoming. It's so small that people literally use 4 wheelers and golf carts to get around. Naturally Ryan and I joined in the fun and cruised around "town" in a golf cart. 


I'm really enjoying traveling with Ryan across the country. I'm technically employed but on "vacation" for the next two weeks, so we are both still getting paid which is nice. Oh, I'm like 99% sure which job I'm taking! After praying and reflecting, I've made a decision. Just need to sign some of the final paperwork, but overall I'm excited and feel like this is a good career move for me!

We are visiting my sister in Denver on Saturday, and then we will stay with Ryan's family in Colorado until next Friday. We will head to Vegas for my sister's wedding after than, and then the plan is to move in on Monday July 7th! I'm really really looking forward to getting our house set up and still having a couple weeks with Ryan to explore and get settled before our jobs start.

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