Monday, July 21, 2014

AND so it begins...

Here I am, at home alone for the first time in forever (thanks Frozen for making me sing that last part) because my hubby is at work!!! Boo hoo hoo :( I sort of fell in love with not working and just playing all day with my hubby! But this is the reason we are here, so a little work is ok I suppose. 

Some people I know like to work all of their days in a row in order to have a bunch of days off in a row. I quickly learned in my first year of work that I don't like that. I do much better working and having days off every now and then, but going back to work after a long stretch off is a bit difficult for me! I've had 34 days off... I'm feeling a little nervous to go back tomorrow!

I've been researching all kinds of funky nursing things pertaining to this job. It's been a while since I've taken care of cardio patients, so I'm refreshing myself. I do not want to be the "new guy" and I hope I can just fly by and catch on! If you're at all spiritual, can you send some prayers and positive vibes my direction?

Oh! We said goodbye to Ryan's 32 day old beard! 

I know I will feel much better in a few weeks. I just need to get through orientation and get a feel for the charting system and how they do things here as opposed to my old job. I've always been praised for working hard and being able to catch on quickly, so I know I can succeed here! And I will! I will keep y'all posted!!

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