Friday, July 18, 2014

Because I'm Happy

Do you ever experience a moment in life where you feel like you're exactly where you're supposed to be? Too often, I feel distracted by the hustle bustle that life becomes. I get hung up on silly things, anxious about deadlines, worry about money, and don't stop and appreciate my blessings. However, in this moment right now I feel so content. Sure I have a few things on my to-do list, but I'm super content with where I am and thankful to be here!

I love our house. It's so much more space than we've ever had. We just bought our first washer and dryer set, and I am in love. I'm so used to dorm/laundromat washer and dryers from the 70s so I am pretty impressed right now! I talked about how we got DirectTV and wifi the other day. Ryan and I didn't have any cable/satellite before, so we don't even know what to do with ourselves when it comes to DVR and on demand. I kind of feel like I got transported into 2014 from some other decade ;)

Our first DVR Lifetime movie... I can never doubt that my husband is my soulmate because he gets just as sucked into these terrible movies as I do! #matchmadeinheaven

I've spent most of the day cleaning and unpacking. It really feels like home here! We are starting to know our way around for some basic stuff. The only thing missing are two of our cars... which are still posted in DC. That's a whole other story. I'll spare y'all the details.

Ryan starts work Monday and I go Tuesday. I got to stop in to my unit the other day and I'm so happy I did. I met some people and got to get a feel for where to go and all of that. The job I chose is a 13 week contract. I originally wanted to go part time in order to be more of a resource to Ryan while he's in school (and to do all of the house duties since he will need to study), but the money for this was too good to pass up. If it's too much, I will take one of the other part time jobs... and if it's a good fit I will probably stay. I remember each time we've moved we always spend a lot of money the first month (deposits, new stuff, appliances in this case), so that was my motivation to take this job. I'm so happy I did because we have DEFINITELY been spending money (see above washer/dryer pic) and it's a huge relief to me knowing I have some awesome paychecks coming my way. Since we are in military housing, Ryan's paychecks are going to be less than we are used to... but we won't have to budget for utilities or rent. I still need to figure out how our finances will go.

I'm sitting in our living room with the windows open, and I can't help but feel blessed. This is amazing! California is where my heart is happiest, and I can't believe we are really here! I worried about having a job, and ended up with so many options that I got to be picky and negotiate a higher rate for the job I chose! I worried we would have trouble making friends, and we already have gone out with other couples. We are loving our house, and I am so so thankful for this life change. Sometimes it's just so fun to be a military spouse. I remember feeling like life couldn't get any better when we were in DC, but that's the beauty of this lifestyle. You don't always know what's behind a closed door, but sometimes it's better than you could imagine. :) happy weekend y'all!

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