Wednesday, July 23, 2014

California Scenery

"Why are you so happy?" That's what Ryan said when I picked him up from work today. My normal demeanor is outgoing and positive, but apparently today I was extra giddy... but how can I help myself?! I had just come from the beach, which is my favorite place in the world.

I started work yesterday, and then had a half day today. Yesterday I walked to work from Ryan's work, and I got to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery around Balboa park. I already bought myself an obligatory palm tree after moving here, but now I want a cactus too! I just love the plants here!

When we lived in DC, I was hardly on military bases. The ones close to our house were small, and didn't have huge exchanges or commissaries so I rarely visited them. Here, it's a different story. One of my FAVORITE places is the beach on North Island in Coronado. After driving through all of the traffic and seeing the huge crowds swarmed on Imperial beach, I felt like I was a star or something to be able to go to the quiet, less crowded and exclusive beach on base, just a few steps away. Oh... and there is ample parking.

The sand looked golden, and if you're there lomg enough you'll probably see a group PT along the beach like I did. Oh em gee, I have mad respect for these people. I don't do well exercising with a group of people! God bless them.

If you live in San Diego and want a quiet beach day (where you can bring alcohol too) you need to check out the "Breaker's Beach." I definitely see myself returning soon!

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