Monday, July 7, 2014

Destination Wedding

This weekend, my sister got married in Las Vegas, NV. She and her fiancée planned the wedding in 4 weeks! We had a full weekend itinerary, including dinner at the Palm restaurant, Mix lounge (rooftop restaurant at Mandalay Bay, pool time, brunches, gambling, and of course the gorgeous ceremony.

My sister is so pretty. She's 14 years older than me, but she's seriously so gorgeous she doesn't look a day over 30.

I had my hair and makeup done at the salon in Mandalay Bay. I won't even tell you the astronomical amount I paid, but I seriously have never loved my hair and makeup so much. I took a million selfies. The girl that did my makeup made me look like a totally different person.

AND of course, it's not Vegas without a little gambling.

It was such an amazing weekend, and I am so happy for my big sister! My toast at the reception included my top 10 tips for a successful marriage, since I'm the only sibling that's married. It was so wonderful to be in Vegas with my family.

Yep, I'm the short one... even in heels! Thanks Mom!

I will have to share my speech as well as my digital camera pictures. I have to say, I hardly bring out my digital camera anymore... I guess I've grown to be happy with grainy iphone pics.

PS - we are officially in San Diego! I will keep you posted on everything in my next post. We love our house, and can't wait for our movers to come tomorrow. Don't forget to recap our move on Instagram and twitter at the hashtag #poshmovestocalifornia 

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