Wednesday, July 16, 2014


When we found out we were moving to California, I knew I wanted to work on three things. I've always viewed PCS moves, deployments, and life events as an opportunity to make a positive life change. My goals for our current move include: 1) being more active and spending time with other couples. 2) cooking/planning meals regularly and not eating out that much 3) keeping our house clean, tidy, organized and getting away from the frat house look we had early in our marriage.

We've been in California less than two weeks, and I already feel like we are doing a great job at meeting each goal. The first goal has been super easy, especially since we aren't working right now! I really hope we can keep this up. I got my schedule for work and I don't have any call, nights, or weekends... so we should be able to do something on the weekends! We've already gone on bike rides, kayak tour, shopping, drive in movie, and had a couple beach days. I seriously love going out and being active. It's my favorite way to spend the day. I love anything having to do with the ocean, and want to try SUP (stand up paddleboarding) next. California is the ideal playground for people who like the outdoors!

I'm really proud of how Ryan and I have been social with other couples! We've hung out with my brother and his girlfriend, as well as another couple that we just met. We went out to dinner with them and checked out Old Town earlier this week.

When we first arrived in San Diego, we frequented Starbucks and chipotle (I know... All this good Mexican food and my husband wants chip!) too much. We went on a major grocery shopping trip and got tons of vegetables, fruit, meat, cooking essentials, etc. We are totally equipped for tons of homemade meals! I made Ryan dinner yesterday with steamed green beans, seasoned potatoes, and baked Chicken (marinated in barbecue sauce, rum, and pineapple!). I slacked at cooking regularly in DC but am ready to turn over a new leaf and get back in that habit here.

Lastly (and probably the goal that will take the longest to come together) we are still working on denouncing the frat house look. I dubbed this term because of how jumbled and random our furniture was when we first got married. It's coming together though and I can't wait to show y'all once we get our house put together! We are working on hanging stuff on the walls here, as I feel that makes it feel homier. It is looking nice in here!

We are having my brother over for dinner this weekend, so I should at least be able to show one room by then! We recently got DirectTV and wifi, so I'm feeling more connected with the world! It is starting to feel like home here!

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