Monday, July 21, 2014

House Tour: master bedroom

I'm finally ready to show some of our house off!! Right now, my favorite room is either our master bedroom or the living room. Those rooms seem to be the most complete, with stuff on the walls and a general color scheme going. Today I'm going to share our master bedroom!

Our rugs from Turkey are probably my favorite item in here. They bring the green into my color scheme. The sheets are green too.

Our last apartment had 2 walk in closets! So squeezing all of our stuff in one has been interesting. We do have some extra storage closets here though, so it works.

I purchased a jewelry hanger before we moved, but never used it. It's helped clean up my dresser a lot. I used to have all of my necklaces just laying on it! I can always find room for more necklaces or bracelets on here. Loving it!

And right before you leave, I have a picture shelf! We were really worried we wouldn't be able to fit all of our night stands, dressers, my vanity, and laundry basket in here, but we agree it turned out well! Can't wait to show you the rest of our house! 

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